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Not, do or do. Hmmmmmm.

Saturday 29/04/17

Angela Bradyson

To make yoda noise, I
thought was, hmm?!

Golden Delicious

Once upon a time, part of
the crew of a corellian
star destroyer, was I,
and to light speed we
easily made the jump. My
own ship unlike, the
millenium falcon, which
has a broken hyperdrive
motivator. Yeesssssss.

Friday 28/04/17


This is a very cool

Golden Delicious

Sleep well, and dream
ever so sweet.

Golden Delicious

Hear in my head is, I all
can "Me some of that
give, me all of that
give." Hmmmmmm.

Golden Delicious

Your profile only
yesterday I saw, and ever
so slightly aroused, you
were. Mmmm, stop
thinking about it I
cannot. Me on so easily
you turn. Yes, hmmm.

Golden Delicious

You know I want more, but
only follow your lead I
will, up to you to take
me there, is it. You
want to only if. You
know, willing, am I. My
approach I made a mistake
last time in.

Golden Delicious

Beautiful warm hands, you
have, and I felt a spark,
of electricity upon first
contact a zap. Hmmmmmm.

Nellie with the Glass Eye

What I am, I am.

Thursday 27/04/17


Fat, you are.

Golden Delicious

You gaze - you, I notice
you. Wildly I smile, and
your burning eyes I see.
Within, I groan within.
My finger and turn a page
I lick - you turn away.
Help but meet again, our
eyes cannot. Yes, hmmm.


S*x, I want s*x.


Rose and violet got in
last september. Petunia
made the cut in june. It
is easy to become a
member of the golden
afternoon not.

Pop tart

Me a girl of yodas
species I need.

Wednesday 26/04/17


Rise from the grave, jar
jar binks will.


With soap and water go
wash your mouth out!

Golden Delicious

Very cold this afternoon,
it was. I was wearing
enough clothes not, was
I, hmm? Yes, hmmm.

Golden Delicious

So looking forward to the
moment, I am when you
will collide with me. It
on bring.

Tuesday 25/04/17


If to do are, do the
undo, do not.


To my youtube channel
subscribe. Herh herh


You wear a hat I see why.
Seek advice for hair
growing out of ears, you
must. Hmmmmmm.

Golden Delicious

When you land, forget to
look out for the two pink
beacons that lie on the
surface, do not. Nearly
identical on each planet,
are they. Yeesssssss.

Golden Delicious

When you land upon the
soft warm surface of the
twin planets near cloud
city, will, hmm? When
you explore, will, hmm?


Watch peter's channel and

Monday 24/04/17


So cute
, you are! Hmmmmmm.


Hello. Herh herh herh.


Hello! Yeesssssss.


Cute, I think yoda is.

Golden Delicious

Never had so many
conversations via eye
contact only, I have.
You speak eloquently, and
beautifully. Me want
more, you make.

Golden Delicious

Feel the heat of my stare
upon the back of your
body did you, hmm? When
safe to stare, it was.
Feel my hands exploring
your body subconsciously
did you, hmm?


Ho ho ho, and hee hee
hee, my knee break that
lute across... And if the
bard, choose, to fight
should, why then, his
clothes alight set, I,
will. Hmmmmmm.

Golden Delicious

Know your eyes sizzle did
you, hmm? This morning I
saw them. Herh herh


Is there singing in the
void, hmm, hmm? Dancing,
hmm, hmm...? To caper at
least allow poor cicero,
surely the dread lord


One thousand degree knife
vs younglings.


Cripiling depression,
have I. Hmmmmmm.

Dig Bick

Love, what is, hmm, hmm,
hmm? . . Me baby
hurt not. . . Hurt
me, do not. . . No
more. . . Love, what
is, hmm, hmm, hmm? . .
Me baby hurt not. . .
Hurt me, do not. . .
No more. . Herh herh

Dig Bick

Of autism in africa the
prevalence...Is unknown.

Dig Bick


Wishing more laughter,
more joy, to come more
love for the both of you
in the years. Hmmmmmm.

Sunday 23/04/17

Granny Smith ball sucker

Fit for no one, your
language is, my cave now

Granny Smith ball sucker

Pooooooooooper duper.

Darth slader

Rooaoaoaooaooaoaor. Herh
herh herh.

Granny Smith

To me a thousand volumes
with your eyes you speak.
I like. Hmmmmmm.

Saturday 22/04/17

Happy Mask Salesman

Met with a terrible fate,
you have, have you not,


You, I hate you. Herh
herh herh.

Granny Smith

To pick fruit I love, and
devour it, especially the
firm succulent variety.


Hi rose, You, how are.
At my grandparents
house and just on my
second day here I am.
Staying here for four
nights, I am. You,
where are, hmm? Dc.
Herh herh herh.


Hmmmn, hmm, hmm? Handle
that. Umbrella the
same way as. You
handle your long hard.
You, purple lightsabre
do, Hmm, hmm? Nice.


So anoying, donald trump
is, why the leader of of
the ussa is he, hmm?

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